35 years

The foundation has been supporting actions and programmes that offer rural children and youth better access to education.

Our Actions

We support educational and community processes that improve the quality of life of rural families.

Schools and rural communities

We work with rural and peri-urban schools in 13 provinces of the country

Intercultural Education

Bilingual teaching in schools where indigenous children attend

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The Foundation

started working with isolated rural schools in southern provinces -Neuquén, Río Negro and Chubut- more than 35 years ago.
Its first actions aimed at meeting basic needs such as school supplies, books, sneakers, pinafores and food. Later on, the foundation started promoting integration between school and community supporting projects for the improvement of educational conditions. As this work became more firmly established throughout the different rural areas, another big step was taken incorporating intercultural and bilingual education in schools with indigenous children.
We are in more than 13


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We work to ensure an inclusive, equitable and quality education, contributing to sustainable development.

The different foundation programmes aim at strengthening the integration among primary and secondary schools, community organizations and local governments, thus improving living conditions of rural communities.

Companies and organizations that support our work


Thomas Edison School – Pico Chaco Setting (Córdoba)

Pico Chaco setting is located 13 km away from Cintra town. 15 students attend Thomas Edison school. It used to have much more students in the past but, as many other rural schools, has undergone a migration process, consequence of the productive model change.

School 908 – La Cañada Setting, Carmen de Areco (Buenos Aires)

In March, School Number 908, located in Carmen de Areco, Buenos Aires Province submitted an initiative called “Water Storage Tank” to improve school access to water.

School N° 587 – Sancti Spíritu (Santa Fe)

The School Nº 587 is located in Sancti Spíritu town in Santa Fe province. 206 students and 35 teachers attend the school every day. In 2018 it proposed a project to equip the school canteen.